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Best Greenbay Gazebo Features

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The best pop-up gazebos are extra-strong, sturdy in the wind, fully waterproof, quick, and easy to assemble and dismantle.Ideally, the package should contain guy lines, tent pegs, leg weights for stability, a storage bag, and side panels for privacy. The 7 different colours ensure you can choose a specific colour to suit your garden theme or event, these include; Anthracite, black, beige, blue, green, red, and white.

This small Greenbay gazebo (2x2m) is ideal for gardens or patios where your relaxation space is at a minimum but shelter from the sun or a shower is still required above it. It’s really easy to assemble, as are all pop-up gazebos. Just stretch out the frame, add the canopy roof, then raise the frame legs and attach the sides if required. The total height of the gazebo is 2.6metres (260cm) and that’s to the point at the top and the walk-in height is just a little less than 1.96 metres (196cm).

What’s important when having a gazebo on hard or soft ground is to ensure that it doesn’t get blow away when windy. Leg weights, with guy ropes and pegs, can prevent this. Always use your guy ropes and peg them down into your lawn every time you use your gazebo. This keeps the top frame and legs secured and sturdier to prevent snapping. Leg weights attach to the frame legs to anchor the gazebo down and prevent the legs from shifting side to side when it’s windy which can also prevent the snapping of the legs.

The importance of the carrying bag is often understated as it can help keep all the items together to prevent losing things but can also prevent damage to the frame and the canopy. When packing the gazebo away just fold it back up into its original shape but the good thing is that you canopy leave the canopy attached. This makes assembly quicker next time.

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