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Some major differences between Tennis and Padel sports

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Tennis: In most cases, tennis is played as a singles sport. While doubles tennis is available, but it is more of an exception than the rule.

Padel: Since the beginning, Padel was created as a doubles game. Especially in France, it has a few specially built padel courts for singles play, but far from commonplace. All official padel competitions, from juniors to the World Padel Tour, are played in a doubles format.

Tennis: Tennis balls can be either yellow or white to be approved. It weighs between 56 and 59.4 grams and measures between 6.541 cm and 6.858 cm in length.

These balls have a rebound of 135 to 147 centimeters. The bounce of a tennis ball is higher than that of a padel ball. When you bounce a tennis ball, you can easily tell the difference.

Padel: Padel balls are only available in yellow or white, quite similar to tennis balls but comparatively smaller than tennis balls, measuring between 6.35 and 6.77 cm in diameter, but have a similar weight. These balls have a rebound of 135 to 145 cm.

The bounce of a padel ball is lower than that of a tennis ball. Due to this, the ball slows down as it bounces off the walls. The padel balls are inflated, as the pressure varies simultaneously.

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